Hammerspike XL Break N Rake (破擊工具)

Hammerspike XL Break N Rake


  • The Hammerspike XL was designed around intuitive hand placement and positioning utilizing a dual grip system to drive the tool.
  • The Hammerspike XL gives the operator five and a half feet of standoff allowing the operator to safely off set their position in relation to the target window.
  • Aggressive ¼ inch steel raking teeth and the tool’s 90 degree bend allows for efficient window clearing.  Double pane industrial glass has proven no match for the Hammerspike XL.
  • The same breaking tip technology was integrated into the Hammerspike XL.  Strike the window with the breaking tip, in any location to produce a one hit positive breach.
  • A nasty steel dorsal fin/reverse hook was added to give the operator the ability to quickly remove interior shutters and blinds eliminating any visual obstructions. Dorsal fin also incorporates a breaking point
    angled at it’s highest point for spearing glass through security bars
  • Weighing in at just over seven pounds, it provides less burden on the breacher.
  • Now comes standard in a two piece break down configuration for easier portability!

Coated in high speed black of course…..